Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sketch writing: Taking stock!!!

So i started sketch writing at the beginning of february.   In-fact the first week of newsjack.   So i think it's about one month.

In that time, I have written:
  • 12 topical sketches (which have either been submitted to newsjack, treason show or newsrevue)
  • 1 non-topical sketch
  • 4 song parodies

I took one week off from writing sketches

of those 12 topical sketches:

  • One is currently being performed at Newsrevue
  • One was definitely performed but cut at the edit of Newsjack
  • One may have been performed and cut at the edit of Newsjack
  • One was close to making it at newsrevue (was a sketch called pope factor but was heavily based on the judges), newsrevue contact me about it as they wered doing a different type of pope factor sketch, said they couldn't use it for that reason.   however asked for suggestions on different characters.  one of my suggestions (gok wan) was developed by them (i didn't write it and it was probably just a coincidence).
i have no idea if treason show used any of my sketches (a little frustrating not seeing a running order).

As far as i am aware nobody has used my songs :(

Anyways.   I feel that this is amazing progress for my first month of sketch writing.   I will try and post up sketches as I remember.

Whooo, sketch writing, love it.   on that point, time to write some :)

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