Sunday, 17 March 2013

This weekend

This has been a pretty interesting weekend so far.    Had some nice chill out time.   Listened to some podcasts. 

Discovered Friday Football Special earlier this week on the British Comedy Guide Forums.   Even submitted a sketch to them yesterday.   Will post the details of it later (yeah, i know, I always say that0.

Even more bizarrely I wrote a sketch on Noel Gallagher and Emeli Sande.   I decided that it was way too rude (a lot of swearing / noel gallagher) for Newsjack but I thought it would fit in with Newsrevue. I was pretty pleased with the sketch (especially since I haven't written anything in 2 weeks).

However I did the weirdest thing, I put a strange twist on it and managed to rewrite a version that would work for newsjack.   I actually think the cleaned up version is much funnier.   I submitted the new version to newsrevue also but if I suspect if they do like the sketch they'll probably go for the first one as it's more in their style.    However both shows probably won't take either version, lol.

I will post up the sketches soon (lol). promise.

Other things I did.

Listened to the Live From Kirrin Island podcasts whilst I chilled by the pool
Read some more of bossypants.

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