Thursday, 21 February 2013

2nd Week of Submissions of newsjack

So, the jury is in for my 2 sketches this week.   Unfortunately my writing will still not be gracing the airwaves.   I sent 2 sketches in this week:

  • Lunchpod
  • A supermodel is for life not just for fashion week

I will publish them up at some point.   So do I have any thoughts on this.   I guess there are a few possibilities.

  • Picked some topics that are minor news stories (fashion week and jonny ive getting a blue peter badge)
  • Not funny enough
  • Better sketches sent in (possibly on bigger topics)
  • Doesn't read out-loud well

So, as I said in an earlier posting.  I think these read better than my previous submissions and I think they are funnier than my week one submissions.   Are they funny enough, that i can't answer, i thought they were.   Do they read out loud well.   Again not sure, not heard them performed so hard to tell.   When I read them out-loud they sounded better than the submissions of the week before

However, what I do know, i definitely picked minor topics and not the major news stories.   And the newsjack team talking about wanting fresh angles on major stories not the minor stores.   See this video for useful tips:

So, this weekend, it's time to focus on sketches for the bigger stories.

Also, I am still trying to find the beat for newsjack, so this weekend.  I think i'll do some quick analysis on the topics.   Hopefully will help me find that beat for topical sketches.   Might even try and perform them myself.

Will publish the results of my analysis later.

It's definitely a learning experience this.

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