Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sketches I've written this weekend

Okay, so following from last week.

I wrote two new sketches this weekend that I have submitted to newsjack.   I will post them up at some point.   The two sketches are:

  • 22 ways to avoid drones
  • Pope's last day at work
So, i think i have covered one major story and one minor story
  • Pope's last day (major story)
  • 22 ways to avoid drones (minor story)
In these 2 sketches, I've worked on making it sound right (especially the pope one).   
  • I've read them out loud, doing the accents that i think are appropriate
  • I've considered the voice talents of the cast (pope voice, boris johnson voice)
  • I've covered one major story with some fresh angles on it (hopefully, i.e. the pope).
  • I've avoided the typical interview style (pope one is a conversation, 22 ways is a public service broadcast)
  • I've made sure that where possible voices are gender neutral except where avoidable (i.e. the pope).   So the pope's aide could be a male or female voice
  • I think they are funny
All in all, i think my writing has improved from the week before.   Will it be strong enough for newsjack   I dunno.   I have also submitted the drone one to newsrevue and treason show.   They are a slightly different version with more visual jokes and some extra jokes that would work outside of the radio format.  I will probably send the pope one to newsrevue also.

I don't expect any of these to be performed yet.   It would be nice if they were but at the moment I am just glad my writing is improving.   As I said, i will post them up soon.

I may write one more sketch this weekend if something funny is inspired.

The major stories that I would expect newsjack to cover this week include:

  • Downgrading of UK AAA rating
  • Oscars (hopefully i will write something on this)
  • Foreign Doctors must speak english (i suspect loads of people will do sketches on this)
Stories that are big that they probably won't do a sketch on for taste reasons (unless a tasteful sketch is written)

  • Oscar Pistorius
  • Cardinal O'Brien
  • Nick Clegg and Lord Rennard (i suspect this will be covered though probably from the nick clegg angle rather than the lord rennard angle)
  • US forces to leave afghanistan
And of course anything that happens on Monday or Tuesday (covered by the writers room or anyone who writes a sketch on a story that occurs before 12)

UPDATE - Monday 25th of February

Wrote one more sketch last night called , which is a parody on the adverts on britain losing it's AAA status

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