Friday, 22 February 2013

Newsjack Series 8 Episode 2

A quick breakdown on the type of sketches in newsjack series 8, episode 2

Justins Intro One liners
Asteroid Size Sketch Scene
Private School advert Sketch Advert
Reintro of 10p tax rate, ed milliband Sketch Scene
Story on Ducess of Cambridge Sketch Interview
Jackapp Jackapp Jackapp
Diary of pandas about to have sex Sketch Diary
Meteorite Sketch Scene
Australian Tourist Board Sketch Informercial
Asteroid with Brian Cox Sketch Interview
Jackapp Jackapp Jackapp
Return of silvio berluscionni Sketch Speech
Chucky Checker Apps Suing Sketch Advert
Morrison buying blockbuster stores Sketch Scene
Orchestrated Tweets Sketch Interview
Corrections Corrections Corrections
This week This week This week

my thoughts on this later

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