Monday, 18 February 2013

They're victims, treat them that way!!!

So i probably rambled on a bit in my last post about sketches that i won't write about

But that's okay as this blog is primarily for my own benefit.   Help me figure out a framework for writing sketches.  If you find it useful, great.  If nobody ever reads it or finds it useful (apart from me) that's okay.

I guess one of the points I didn't make clear.

If they're a victim, treat them that way.   Give them space and respect!!!  Don't try and make fun of them (unless they really deserve it).

Now this is a line that I will cross frequently but hopefully not too badly.

For example, i won't write sick topical sketches about the murder of somebody, see the previous post.

Sketches about Piers Morgan are fair game however.   If something stoopid happened to Piers Morgan, game on!!!

However if something tragic happened to Piers Morgan or his family.   It's not funny (for me), no matter how much of a twat Piers Morgan is!!!

I guess it's common sense.

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