Friday, 22 February 2013

Newsjack series 8 episode 1 breakdown

I thought I might list the type of sketches that were aired on this episode.   Might help me figure out the beat of the show.   Basically what I should write for what format.

Pre Intro Punwatch
Justins Intro One liners
Pope Resigination Sketch Scene
Ed Milliband - 2nd job declaration Sketch Scene
Barclays bank Job cuts and being more moral Sketch Interview
Disneyland amusement park Sketch Advert
Jackapps Jackapps Jackapps
Diary of Chris Huhne Sketch Diary
David Attenborough refusing to show gay animals Sketch Interview
Page 3 girls out of date tweet Sketch Sketch
Newsjack guide to driving in the cold Sketch Infomercial
Childrens Road Safery Advert Scrapped and foxes Sketch Infomercial
Terrorist Social Media Sketch Unsure
Jackapps Jackapps
Old Popes Home Sketch Scene
Gnomes in Chelsea Flower Show Sketch
Wooden Horse Lasagne Sketch Scene
Corrections Corrections Corrections

Will post some thoughts on this later.

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