Monday, 18 February 2013

The first sketches I ever wrote

So last week, I wrote 3 sketches for Newsjack.   I am pleased to say that none of them made the show.  I am also pleased to say that none of them made the recording process.

Why am I pleased?   Well, when I wrote the sketches, I thought they were good enough.   And then I went to the recording to see the show.   I quickly realized that my sketches weren't good enough and just sat back and enjoyed the show, lol.

Here are the titles of the 3 sketches, I wrote:

  • Disneyladen
  • Jocklands
  • And it just goes on aaaaaaand on
I don't know the actual reasons the sketches never made it onto air but I have a pretty good guess.

  • Somebody else had a better script on the same topic
    • I think this was the case for Disneyladen
  • The jokes weren't funny enough
    • I'm pretty sure this was the case for "It just goes on aaaand on
  • It doesn't sound natural
    • I think this was the case for Jocklands
  • To much FX
    • I think this was the case for Disneyladen
  • Concentrating on the jokes and not the premise
    • I think this was the case for all 3
I was pretty proud of the 3 sketches,  there were some funny lines.   But now when I look back (one week later).   I don't think they quite hung together properly into a sketch.   I will post them later and you will see what I mean.

So I went to the show.   I got a better idea of the subjects.   I got a better idea of the recording process.   I have a better idea of the cast.  Guess what, they have to read your sketches out loud (so you should too).   It's a radio show, your sketch has to be performed not just read.  The cast are very talented but they can only work with what they are given.   So you need to give them something that sounds natural and funny.   I think I lost sight of that.
  • Read your scripts out loud.    
  • Think about how the character will sound.   
  • Don't just write funny lines
  • Tell a story / have a point
  • Have a punchline
  • Have lots of jokes
  • Be original
  • Have an angle

So I submitted 2 sketches this week.
  • Lunchpod (a sketch on Sir Jonny Ive receiving a gold blue peter badge)
  • A supermodel is for life not just for fashion week (you can guess what that's about)
I think these sketches are much tighter, sound more natural and are better concepts.   I think they are quite funny too but I am biased.

Will they make the recording or even the show?   I dunno, it's only week 2 of my sketch writing, i have a long way to go.   And there are some really talented writers submitting to Newsjack.  

Are these sketches better than the ones I wrote in week 1.   I think they are a lot better!!!! 

I think my writing is improving (I will post all 5 sketches at some point) with my thoughts on each one.

Hopefully one day I will crack this nut.   Have to admit, really enjoying writing.   I just hope I improve enough to meet the standard.

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