Thursday, 28 February 2013

Newsjack: Recorded but Cut

Today, I just got the most awesome email from Newsjack.

From what I am aware, my sketch on ways to avoid a drone attack was definitely recorded :D
The pope sketch may have gotten recorded but it's unclear.

Gutted that I wasn't at the recording but thrilled it was good enough to get recorded.

As I said, i will post the sketches up soon.

Email I received is below.   Happy days :)   My writing is defo improving.


Dear all,

We're just writing to say that, although you didn't get anything into last night's programme, you got something into the recording script. We always over-record, and there could be many reasons why things get dropped - they might not quite work out loud, or the audience might not get it, or simply we needed to lose thirty seconds. Whatever the reason, we did think your stuff was good - but we've only got twenty-eight minutes of airtime...

So, thank you for contributing to the recording - and please do keep submitting material - we look forward to reading your stuff next week.

Lyndsay Fenner & Ed Morrish
Producers, Newsjack.

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