Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sketch Analysis:

So in my last post, i wrote about what was wrong with my missile defence sketch.

In this post, I'll take a look at my sketch that was picked up and performed by the team at newsrevue.

So in the previous post, I talked about 3 things:

  • No sense of the characters
  • Characters not being consistent
  • Inconsistent game of the scene

So what happened with Wonga.Com.


3 characters.

Betty, Joyce and George.   Who were all parodies of the 3 characters from the commercial.
Betty and Joyce are old ladies.
Betty and George know each other better
Betty and Joyce are friends
Berry doesn't know much about Wonga.Com or about loans and Joyce does
George is an idiot chasing rainbows, not knowing much about mone and being the chancellor of the exchequer

Game of the scene

It's a parody of the advert.
I'm not really this follows the game of the scene style.   need to think about this more.
Sure it's about the relationship of the characters but there is no normal situation->unusual thing->escalate format.   It's an advert parody.

What is slightly wrong
it should probably be clearer at the beginning that George is George Osborne.   So perhaps the dialog would be better as Where's George Osborn?
Also some of the dialog could have been slightly cut (around the sliders) but hey ho

In short, i see why it worked.

Consistent characters
Funny dialog

And I saw it being performed and it went down really well :)

So my lesson is:

Consistent Characters
Parody advert


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