Sunday, 7 April 2013

This weekends sketches

wrote 3 sketches this weekend.

One sketch is a football sketch which I submitted to FFS.   Was pretty pleased with it, I felt it was pretty tight.   Let's see how that goes.   Depending on if they take it or not depends on whether i post it.

One sketch is on Obama and Kamala.   I wasn't so pleased with that sketch as I was experimenting a little bit with escalation.   I felt it rambled but let's see how it goes.   Submitted that to Treason Show but I suspect they won't use it because it's a little late and a little long and too close to their next show.   Also I didn't think it was my best sketch.
Also submitted to newsrevue.   For same reasons not so confident that they will run with it.

Depending on what happens, I'll post those sketches up soon.

Third sketch was a little fun one i posted up on the BCG forums here in a fun little weekly comp they run.   I really really enjoyed writing this fun little monologue.

Here it in anyways.  The topic was obituaries.

BBC News Announcer

We're saddened to announce the death of Her Majesty The Queen.
The Queen is one of the most loved and dedicated monarchs to ever reign.
Always there for her subjects whenever we needed to errrrr post things (beat) or buy stuff.

We'll miss her big royal face on our letters and coins. 
Well at least her right cheek, we've never seen her left cheek. 
She seemed to have had a tattoo of a lion or a big gate thing where her left cheek should be.
She probably should have seen a doctor about that, maybe that's what killed her.

Anyways the world moves on. The biscuits and jam guy will take over from her. 
And we will need much bigger coins and stamps to accommodate his great big ears.
It won't be the same!!!!
Long live email and paypal!!!! 

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